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            Module processing considerations.
            Time:2018-03-31 Read: 2110
               1. The external lead of the liquid crystal module is not allowed to be connected wrongly, otherwise it may cause excessive flow, overpressure and damage to the module device.

            2. When the module is connected to the power supply and disconnected, it must be connected with the positive power (5 + + 0.25v) to enter the signal level. For example, the IC circuit of the module may be damaged before the power is stabilized or the input signal is switched off.

            3. The solder iron temperature: 280 + 10 ℃ welding time: < 3-4 s; Welding materials: eutectic, low melting point; Repeat welding shall not exceed 3 times.

            4. Press hard on the display area, which will produce an abnormal display. When the power is switched off, wait for a moment and then return to power.

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