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            Welcome to Shenzhen Youchuang Guangxian Co., Ltd. official website!Service Hotline:0755-23577586
            About us

            Friends create light show was established in 2013, the factory area of 3700 m2, the existing number of about 280 people (r&d 8 people, quality of 30 people, employees 222 people) management and technical personnel have peer experience more than ten years of work experience, field management and quality personnel with peers in at least one years or above working experience.

            Youchuang guangming is a high-tech company specializing in the manufacturing of liquid crystal display module, which is mainly used in smart home, industrial control medical, car navigation and other products.

            Depth and automobile navigation manufacturers cooperate to customize the market competitive quality products.

            Contact Us
            Room 10018, 10028, building A, yikang business building, no. 33, huarong road, high peak community, longhua new district, shenzhen.

            Person in charge: hongsheng 13823667054.

            Telephone: 0755-23577586

            Fax: 0755-23577596

            E-mail: 368753933 @qq.com

            Website: www.whytawheed.com

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