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            Welcome to Shenzhen Youchuang Guangxian Co., Ltd. official website!Service Hotline:0755-23577586
            Microsoft's chief executive, Satya Nadella, attended Salesforce's client conference and showed off Microsoft applications such as Delve and PowerBI, foreign media reported. The incident itself is surprising because the two companies used to……
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            Shenzhen has centralized the largest LED industrial cluster in China, and its LED packaging, display screen, lighting products quality, output and export are among the highest in the country.
            2018-03-28 Learn more>>
            With the rapid development of technology of LED display, LED electronic display screen and LED full-color displays, and so on but also presents the diversification development LED display products, LED display is now widely used in all walk……
            2018-03-28 Learn more>>
            Guide language: in this intelligent era of rapid advance, more important than driving the industrial Internet is to harness our human desires and hearts. Today, human society has fully entered the era of e-commerce brought by the Internet.
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